July 23, 2009

sweet zoe jane!~

Well i want you to notice
to notice when i'm not around
and i know that your eyes see straight through me
and speak to me without a sound


i want to hold you
protect you from all of the things that this liife has in store for you
i'll always love you
the way that a father should love his daughter

when i walked out this morning
i cried as i walked to the door
i cried about how long i'd be away for
i cried about leaving you all alone


sweet zoe jane [x2]

so i wanted to say this
cuz i wouldn't know where to begin
to explain to you what i have been through
to explain where your daddy has been

bisa nangis...........

July 10, 2009

last day!!!

its been a long time tak update..

busy dengan kehidupan? elo... org lain pon have 24 hours a day... so?

mmm... a little bit dissapointed dengan sesetengah pihak...

its hard to be like the old days... terlalu byk simpan kecik hati .. until...

really hard ... why people cant be honest? ... mm ...

so... ~~~


no longer pentasofians status ...~~
a new life ahead... moga baik baik ...

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