January 7, 2010

-korean drama... heee

after so long, i managed to watch korean series. again!

when in mmu back then, i was a korean drama + movie fan..
coz lots of time as a student, boleh la nak marathon any dramas especially. huhuk! i miss those moments..

but last month, i watched this drama. boys over flowers. ive watched Metor Garden first... so at my 1st thought watching the first episode:

err.. cam tak best... cam gedik sket that girl

but after few series. ble tahan gak.. nicer than meteor garden i guess. actor sme cool and of course... korean is always sweet.
especially.. lee min ho.. he is a good actor!... cuma that girl a little bit gedik.. ngeh ngeh...

1 comment:

jintanmanis said...

uhu.. tau takpeeee... nak donlod u r beautiful sesiapp... nnt nak marathon ... sangguppp.huhu

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