January 8, 2010

my first time flying...

okey.. this is about my very 1st experience flying- air asia.
i sat beside the emergency door.
at first, my partner dah takot takot kan i.- a little bit afraid.
~time nak naik nanti serammmmm
~nnt ade shaking time berlepas.....

imagine all the final destination - the **** saiko movie.

and the worst part- i am an acrophobia - afraid of height.

dengan sempoi stewardess explain about any emergency case... (angkat tangan kiri kanan tunjuk depan .. bla bla) err.. a little bit too fast . i cant catch up all the thing she showed.
i started to imagine: what if the thing really happen and i dont even know how to use all the emergency thingy? huhu.... *nak nangis*.. kut kut tercampak dlm laut... nk bukak pelampung pon tak reti.

after that, i saw a picture - steps if there is any emergency, how the people who sits beside the emergency exit need to react..

i read the picture ( they draw the steps)..

firstly - dont panic, open the door beside u
secondly - i cant remember la
thirdly - jump trough the emergency door!

i was like .. haa? terjun terus ke? takde safety jacket? panicking!!! ( cause they draw it without safety jacket. a picture of a man jump teruss dengan pan and tshirt!! huhuhu...direct translation dr otakku. at least add la safety jacket...)

and my partner also read the same picture.. step by step..

(lame gile okey die gelak.. mmg dari awal die takot takot kann coz it was my first time)

but the view was nice. i love cloud... hihihihihihi

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jintanmanis said...

gi sarawak je rai.. best .. first time naik flight .. huhuhuh

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