May 5, 2010

my Boss

i managed to propose 3 template designs for this US product.

their bosses approved one of my template. alhamdulillah.

but my big boss, once he saw the design, instantly he asked me to change our site. Design mcm client nye site.

sibuk je nak design yg baru ... adehhhh


kepala dah nak pecah pk concept.

harap2 okey lah propose nih...


CUP OF COFFEE for today~

err... 2 cups actually.

my head is getting dizzy. slept pass 1 o clock for this 2 weeks.

harini, untuk dpt design yg boleh dipercayai ... ewah... i drink  a cup of coffee, cause im so00oooooo sleepy... konon nak segar .. megar .. bugar ... hyper... active... productive ... cause i really need you my beloved brain ... hoho..

tak jalan--- 1 cawan tak cukup.

i drink 1 more cup of u... baru okeyh.. but getting sleepy n pasiffff cause nite is coming.

perlukah nescafe lagi secawan. pfttt ... i dah lame tinggalkan u....

dont seduce me!

i cant have overdose caffeine. acceli when i drink white coffeee at old town.

boleh mabuk... like one day i drink white coffee, my officemate belanje. then i'm getting merapu, gelak gelak.. blur blur .. on d way balik office .. till my office mate said

"mailal oke ke, awak dah mabuk niieee ....."

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