March 23, 2012

[24wks] Trouble sleeping

Tips tidur semasa mengandung

asam lambung tu ape eh?

actually 23rd - 24th weeks ni susah nak tidur.
sebab nafas macam tersekat,
papa je la tolong urut buang angin dalam badan
kadang2 terpaksa tidur duduk -sandar

ikot petua kene tidur mengiring ke kiri & letak bantal bawah perot..
kene start carik bantal ..

baby plak kalau tidor terlentang makin ligat dia tour dalam perot. terangkat2 perot mommy nih.
macam berenang ke kiri & ke kanan, 20 pusingan...

solat pon dah mengah2.... huhuhu

tips tidur ibu ngandung.

What Is The Best Sleeping Position While Pregnant?

The answer, sleep on your side. It is better to sleep on your side, especially on your left side. Study has shown that if you sleep on your left side, you will actually increase the amount of blood and nutrients that will flow through your placenta and to your baby.

If you want to, you can also put a pillow between your legs when you sleep on your side. There are a few tips for you if you are having problems with side sleep while pregnant…

1. If you are having problems with back pain, try to sleep on your side and put a pillow to support your abdomen in the same time. This will help you balance your back bones and sleep with a better position.

2. If you are having problems with heartburn, try to prop your upper body. You can either use pillows or just tilt the bed if possible.

3. Sometimes, you will feel the shortness of breath in late pregnancy. The solution is the same. Prop your upper body or try to sleep on your side and use pillow to support your abdomen.

By the way, sleeping on your back while pregnant is not good for you. Try to avoid that. It is fine in early pregnancy, but after some time, you will feel uncomfortable to sleep on your back.

If you continue to sleep on your back, you will feel back pain, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, problems with your breathing, digesting system and it may also affect your baby.

Having said all that, I believe you have understood the sleeping position while pregnant. Just follow through all the advice here and have a great sleep.


ummi said...

kalau mas xleh ikot tips tu....ikot selesa mana..n ikot badan baby arah mana...if blkg badan baby mengadap kanan,so kena ngiring kanan,so kaki n tgn dia x tersepit n dia selesa,kita pon selesa :)

tdo alas perut,kaki n belakan.. =))

Perjalanan Hidupku said...

yeke yang.. depends ek.. okey okey .. gune care u laa.. org berpengalaman :D

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