June 20, 2013

enjoy Breastfeeding

DEGREE!! alhamdulillah.

Thank you Allah. byk Allah bg kemudahan utk mommy menyusukan awak.
susu takde la melambak2. tp sekadar cukup. belum lg campur ngn FM.
Allah bg ilham study
Allah bg ilham camne nak handle EBM ( mommy tensi mula2 dulu huhu)
ingat lagi ajar awak minum bottle .. time tu arwah atuk ade lg. time tu awak 3 bulan.

mommy suke tidurkan awak atas lengan sambil BF. tak kesah la kebas ke ape... tengok awak dari angle atas. awak dongak2.. pegang2 mulut, pegang2 gigi mommy.. korek2 mulut mommy.. gelak gelak..

Alhamdulillah. syukur atas nikmat Mu yg tidak terbalas.

I have been very lucky. I have had the choice to breastfeed all of my children. Not everyone has the choice; not everyone wants the choice. But, though I have had my own share of hurdles in the adventure that is motherhood, nursing is something that has been relatively easy and effortless for me. Not painless, mind you, but mostly free from the trials that some women face.

Some days, I need to remember why I choose to breastfeed at all. Those are the days when I feel like if another tiny human touches me again, I might scream. They are the days when my breasts are sore and cry out for a week without a bra on 24/7 or any sucking action whatsoever, whether by baby or pump. Some days, I would do anything in my power just to wear a normal Le Mystere instead of my saggy, uncomfortable nursing bra.

But I know that in another six months, when I am beginning to wean my very last baby, I won’t remember the gruesome details so much. The experience will already be part of my memories, and after four babies, my memory itself is unreliable. I have approximately two brain cells left now, I am convinced, and they are needed in their entirety to walk straight and drive the car. So before the Mommy Amnesia sets in, here are ten things I will miss about nursing my babies, though please note that these things are not breastfeeding-exclusive. They just happen to be the things I think of when I think about nursing…

10 Things to Savor  About Breastfeeding

1. The quiet moments of nursing, the forced time to sit and be still. As a parent, stillness is not only rare; it is luxurious. I savor the time I can claim just to sit or lie down with the baby and be together, focused on her. After four babies, I have mastered the art of walking while nursing, but I try not to practice that skill. The chance to hit the “pause” button — even now, when it is definitely complicated to do so in the midst of three other children and the rush of daily life — is too precious.

2. Lying beside the baby and feeling her little feet and tiny toes flex rhythmically against my stomach or leg while she nurses. I love those dainty toes connecting with me. Too soon, her body will be long and lanky, like her brothers’. She won’t be the chunky ball of wonderful rolls and curves that she is now. I bury my face in her sweet cheeks and scrumptious neck while I still can.

3. Bright eyes looking up at me, and the way she stops and stares at me quizzically all of a sudden, like she just noticed I was there too. It takes her so by surprise that she stops nursing for a moment and just looks at me, locking my eyes with hers. When she was tiny, she stared for a second, then continued to nurse, though slowly, like she was taking me all in or making sure that I was something she was okay with having right above her head. Now that she is older, she will stop, pause, and sometimes break into a big, milky, gummy smile. It is tough to hold a latch when smiling. Those gummy smiles are the sweetest.

4. The chance to stroke soft little cheeks and tufted wisps of baby hair, the smell of soap and milk together.

5. The baby sometimes balls her fists up and holds them so they are together, as if this act of nursing takes all her concentration and might.

6. When those teeny-tiny hands stroke and fidget while she nurses. She loves me, and she doesn’t even know what love is yet.

7. The way she bobs her head from side to side when she is preparing to latch, stretching her lips and wildly searching for her target like a baby animal. It’s a little scary seeing that coming for my breasts, but it’s also cute.

8. Dozing off beside a nursing baby, waking up to a baby asleep with her chin on my breast. In a few short years, will that little face really tell me in a fit of anger that I’m not her best friend anymore, like her brothers did? How will I ever send that face off to Kindergarten to be cared for someone else for the majority of her waking hours?

9. The feeling of being her homebase. There is not much in a baby’s world that cannot be solved or soothed by nursing. In so much of parenting, I feel a little helpless. In contrast, nursing is like holding a superpower. I know that as time marches on, my baby’s little problems will become the bigger problems of bigger kids. I know too well. I’ll miss the ability to create world peace for her with just a simple gesture.

10. Most of all, the baby I am nursing. In no time at all, she’ll be running after her brothers and leaving me behind. I’ll get to wear my proper bra and drink a beer guilt-free, and my breasts will dry up and once again look like tube socks half-filled with uncooked rice. But I will never have my baby back again. And that will be all right and as it should be, but that does not mean I won’t miss her.

June 17, 2013

oh kerja

suke .. sukee.. :D
aritu mengepow lightbox.
coz selama ni amek gambar product mesti gegar gempita.
blur sana sini
terus mmy request.

hah.... sharp kan gambar :D... sukeeeeee sangat.

June 12, 2013

Turn to one


aeyyman dah besar.
besar panjang.
semangat dah.
dulu bleh je tinggal stroller
la ni jalan2 takleh tinggal dah...

aeyyman kurang makan. tp bile selera datang byk makan.
susu kerap. cuma malam - terlena lama, takde macam dulu. setiap sejam bangun carik susu.

Breastfeeding journey
agak risau. susu drop dari dulu.
tapi still maintain utk sehari intake.
dia tak tambah susu .. dari dulu paling kurang pon naik 1 oz .. dari 3 oz ke 4 oz. X 4 botol.
maybe suke lagi mengempeng ngn mommy.

beza dengan dulu
dulu sopan je letak atas pangku, korek2 mulut mommy. dok diam je. mommy pon tak letih.
skang ni dah pandai selak2. menonggeng nonggeng. kalau duduk tu, mesti menonggeng dah. kalau mommy baring, sesuka hati je tukar kiri and kanan.

kadang time pangku, mommy gigit tangan dia yg gebu, usap2, gelak2.. cakap2..
aeyyman suke gentel gentel tarik2.
tapi takat ni belum kene gigit sampai berdarah la.

makan pon, suke pegang sendiri.
makan bby tak suke. nak yg pejal lagi.

gonna miss this moment.
rindu aeyyman yg sopan semasa menyusu.
cant wait his new attitude. :)

dah nak setahun.
dah pandai berdiri
anak yg dengar ckp
tahu bile org tak kasi
tahu bile org marah
still tak leh kene tinggal lagi
masih melekat walau ke mana.
tak dan nak masak ape tah lagi ke bilik air.
bakal meraung kalau bangun mmy takde kat sisi.

aeyyman anak soleh.
semoga al quran tersemat di dadamu
rasulullah di jiwa mu
keluarga baginda di hati mu
cintailah mereka lebih dari awak mencintai mommy.

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