May 22, 2015

Me and Clary Sage to induce labor

This HypnoBirthing mom was confiding in me beginning from week 39. Her first baby was born at 39 weeks so the expectation for this second baby was naturally that he would follow his big brother's footsteps.

But baby had a different idea.

He stayed on cosy in his mom's womb till 41 weeks, playing and active as usual. Mom was so restless. Everyday we talked to calm her nerves. There was just too much pressure from everyone to get her chemically induced.

Apart from the facts that he was 41 weeks and in posterior position, doctor checked the baby and found that everything else was peachy. Nothing else warranted a chemical induction except if you want to consider other people's trepidation as a cause for induction.

Then it occurred to me that I have some essential oils that I bought for the purpose of helping my laboring HypnoBirthing mothers. *facepalm*

I posted 15 drops of each Clary Sage, Myrrh, Lavender and Basil to her.

She received them the next day and immediately applied Clary Sage and Myrrh on the acupressure points to induce labor.

Her surges began within 24 hours.

WE ALL HEAVED A BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!! Her emotional stress just melted away and that was my main concern. Her baby was okay. She wasn't.

Long story short...

She had an unassisted en caul birth in the hospital with first degree tear.


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