August 8, 2017

DAY 1 - MELBOURNE 1.7.17

Friday 30.6.17
after a long weekend hari raya,
harini masuk office for halfday.
tak wat kerja pon.
discussion with boss dah 2-3 jam early in the morning.

balik check balik luggage.
at 6pm - get an uber to KL sentral.
at KL sentral naik ERL to KLIA 2.


sampai KLIA cari money changer. and dinner sekali.
naik plane at night. ticket at 10pm.
8hours journey. so sebab malam. kids pon penat, they all tidur je all the way.
sampai sana at 6am.

cari mobile package. we use ape tah. keluar dari Tullamarine Airport. Sejuk dah sampai tulang.
its early 2hours from malaysia. tapi kedudukan matahari lagi awal.

waiting for a shuttle to go to Car Rental - Apex. - recommended. (link)
Sewa mitsubishi outlanders.
1hours journey to St Kilda - Air BnB - near beach bay.

check in at 3pm. so we have another 2 hours to linger around.
lepak by the beach , sejukk..took pict.
buy some food at 7e.

singgah cafe for parking pass.

ayah bought some dinner at "Satey" some kind of nasi ayam. tapi sedap.

- ayah resting until 8pm.
- kids main while mommy arranging all the things.
- mommy sejuk bergulung dalam selimut while 2 kids playing around sambil kejut kejut mommy suruh bangun.
- ayah woke up at 8, continue the unfinish dinner. lepak tengok tv..


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